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well-being for work communities and partners

Reward and delight your company's staff or customers with a float gift card.

At least 10 gift cards



At least 20 gift cards



At least 50 gift cards



VAT is added to prices by 24%. Gift cards are valid for 12 months. We confirm when orders have been delivered to the post office.

standard shift/private events

Weekly relaxation shift for your company's staff and partners. First relaxing in the floating tanks and after drinking the coffee in the relaxation lounge. A shared floating shift is well suited for the beginning of the working week to inspire or start spending the weekend.

Six-month contract period, invoicing monthly. Price 498€/month VAT 0%. The six-month flotation period includes a total of 78 floats.

Suggest us a weekday and starting time by email info@floatti.fi.

Are you planning a bachelor party, a corporate day or a group of friends' soiree? Feel free to contact us and together we will design the best possible package for you info@floatti.fi.


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