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welcome to floatti!

Floating is very simple. Find yourself a comfortable position in the pool and relax. If you want to take a closer look to the floating, below is a more detailed description of the progress of the floating and answers to frequently asked questions.

1.Book an appointment with an appointment program or by calling. 

2.We recommend eating lightly before floating so that hunger does not surprise you in the middle of a float. However, it is advisable to avoid consuming caffeine a few hours before floating. 

3.Arrive shortly before the booked time. We provide you with towels, cosmetics and ear plugs. Please bring your own makeup if you need them. 

4.You can leave your jacket in the lobby and put slippers on. Toilet is in the lobby.

5.If we are not at reception, we are preparing a floating room, please wait a while. 

6.We will take you to a floating room with space to change your clothes and shower. Lock the floating room door. 

7.Put the earplugs while you are still dry. You can get earplugs from us, of course you can also take your own with you. If you have wounds, you can cover them with vaseline. Salt water may sting wounds. 

8.Take a shower before float. 

9.In floating, you do not need a swimsuit. Also remove the jewellery. The goal is to minimize all sensations, including tactile sensations. You can wear a swimsuit, but the experience is usually better without it. 

10.If, for example, you suffer from clauspers' phobia, you can float with the lid open, otherwise close the lid. If you wish, you can turn off the light switch from inside the tank. The lights in the room go out automatically. 

11.There is a spray bottle with water in the pool that you can use if salt water goes into your eyes. 

12.Lie down on the water and find a good position. Enjoy the float, the floating takes about 60 minutes. At the beginning and end of the float, music plays. The float ends when you hear "Kellunta on päättynyt" notification.

13.After float, take a shower and dress in the flotation room. We also provide a towel.

14.Go to relaxation lounge with snacks and cold drinks. We bring a menu where you can choose coffee or tea. These are all included in the price of the float. We also sell kombucha and non-alcoholic beers. 

15.In the make up room, you can dry your hair and use cosmetics. 

1. Relaxation – weightless floating in quiet and dark mode allows the brain to enter a deep relaxed state. Through deep relaxation, stress levels decrease and sleep improves, which improves the condition of the heart and blood vessels. 

2. Creativity increases and concentration improves – floating is said to have a number of effects on the brain, from hallucinations to more creativity. Floating can improve concentration, memory and can also lead to clearer and more accurate thinking.

3. Recovery from sport – floating has been found to be an effective means of accelerating physical and psychological recovery after heavy physical training.  

4. For the treatment of stress and depression – a one-hour floating can significantly reduce anxiety and improve mood. Floating can also help with depression, sleep problems and reduce irritability and fatigue. These can lead to a reduction in the risk of burn-out and a reduction in sick leave.  

5. Relieves and eliminates pain – floating has been shown to be an effective means of treating neck pain, headache, muscle tension and pain. Floating can also reduce stress-related pain and improve mobility. 

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/sensory-deprivation-tank#TOC_TITLE_HDR_2  

At the bottom of the Healtline page you will find a link to the studies. 

You can read more about the flotation here: https://www.clinicalfloatation.com/  

The duration of the appointment is 90 minutes, but there is only 60 minutes of flotation?  

The floating lasts 60 minutes. 15 minutes are reserved for washing before and after,  15 minutes are reserved for us so that we can prepare the tank and clean the room for the next customer 

How many customers can float at the same time?  

We have three floating rooms and three floating tanks, so three. For groups, we can tailor a suitable package according to your wishes. 

How do you clean the pools? 

Between floats, sterile salt water is recycled through the purification system. In addition to mechanical cleaning, bacteria/viruses are destroyed with UV radiation in the purification system. Water is also chemically purified daily with the help of hydrogen peroxide. The cleanliness of the water is tested and the results are also sent to the authorities. 

What if I have a new tattoo or I've just dyed my hair?  

The tattoo should be completely healed before you come floating. Dyed hair can remove color from the pool. We recommend 2 weeks between hair dyeing and flotation. 

Can contact lenses be used for floating? 

We recommend floating without contact lenses, so take the lens case and liquid with you. 

Can I come float if I'm pregnant? 

Yes, you can. However, we always advise you to consult your doctor. 

Does salt water hurt atopic skin? 

Epsom salt is usually good for the skin. Since salt is abundant in our pools, it can sting if the skin is broken. If atopic dermatitis is at its worst, you shouldn't float. 

I'm on my period, can I come float? 

If you could go to the swimming pool, you can also come floating. 

When can't I come floating? 

If you have any of the following: 

  • – Large open wounds, small wounds can be protected by vaselic, which is available in treatment rooms.  
  • "A serious fear of a cramped place, you can try it so that the lid is open.  
    – Contagious disease
    – Epilepsy 
    – Low blood pressure
    – Kidney disease 
    – Severe psychiatric disorder 
    – For those with balance problems (e.g. Menier's disease) 
    – Heartbeat (only with the written consent of the attending physician) 
  • " The floatingtank is 2.76 metres long, 1.50 metres wide and 1.30 metres high.
  • –Inside the tank it is dark and silent when the lid is closed. 
  • –The tank has 750 litres of water and 475 kg of epsom salt.  The salt content of the water is 30%.
  • – The filter system cleans the water after each float.

We have approximately 130 square meters of space and a maximum of 6 customers and 1-2 staff members at the same time. Safety distances are easy to follow. After floating in relaxation lounge, there are a maximum of three customers at the same time. We actively follow and comply with official guidelines/regulations related to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Both THL and many similar authorities around the world agree that the virus does not spread in bathing water. In addition, unlike ordinary bathing water, water is cleaned after each customer. We use multiple filtration, UV light and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning. In addition, the salinity of our water is almost 35%. The very salty water in the flotation pools is a very unfavorable living space for microbes and viruses.  

You can only come to float when you're healthy. We do not ask for customers' health information and everyone is welcome in our facilities.

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