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Floating centre on the historic Rakuunamäki


Floats are available daily according to appointments. The store is open Tue-Thu 14-18, Fri 14-17 and Sat 13-17. Book an appointment at the button above or call 0449858429.

Do you need ideas as a graduation gift or for a spring student? How about resting the body and mind with a floating gift card? For example, you can buy a gift card for one float, a serial card, or you can delight the recipient with Merak's products. Gift cards and products are sold according to store opening hours.


All customers have their own floating rooms with a shower and a flotation pool.

Flotation for students and pensioners 49€ weekdays Mon-Fri before 16:00.
Remember to bring a certificate that entitles you to a discount.

Edenred, Smartum and Eazybreak visit us for welfare benefits. Unfortunately, an e-passport is not valid.

We reserve the right to make changes.


package cards

Package card floats can also be used by people who come with you to float. If you have already paid the flotation at the time of booking, we will refund the amount if you buy a serial card after the float. All package cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Cancellation policy

Please remember to cancel your reservation if you are prevented from coming. The booking confirmation email contains a link where you can easily cancel the reservation. You can cancel the floating 12 hours before the start of the floating via our booking service, by calling or emailing. Irreversible floating is entitled to charge the price of the float.

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Membership terms and conditions

The fixed-term period is only three months, after which the notice period is one month. You can increase your membership to the next level by sending a message info@floatti.fi, and then we'll make you a new payment program.
With you a friend's float 54€ or 52€ when you bring two friends with you. 
Billing starts at the beginning of the next calendar month after you join. You can float as soon as you sign a contract and these times will be paid on site. You can receive the invoice by email once a month.

Membership is personal and cannot be transferred to another person without the consent of the supplier (Floatti Oy). Unused floats are valid for two years. Unused floats will not be refunded.


The monthly invoice is sent by e-mail on the 25th day of the previous month. Payment period 14 days.


The Supplier has the right to review its pricing. Changes in pricing will be notified to the customer earlier than a reasonable period of time so that they have time to react to the price change.

The Supplier has the right to keep the site closed for 7 calendar days per month due to renovations or other maintenance work on the premises, without affecting the invoicing of the monthly member. If the supplier has to close its office for a longer period of time, the monthly member is offered the opportunity to terminate the membership without notice. Seasons can also affect opening hours. 

To put a membership on hold:

A monthly membership can be set for a break of up to three months per calendar year. Notification of the break must be made in writing (info@floatti.fi).

The agreement is valid until further notice. The notice period is one calendar month. Denunciation must be made in writing (info@floatti.fi)

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